Meet Our Pastor, Keith Myer

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I’ve been actively involved in church ministry for over twenty years. After coming to Christ, I got hooked on helping people have ‘light bulb’ moments of realization about Jesus. I love trying to connect people to the faith using my passion and excitement about normal things (like Dunkin Donuts coffee, Darth Vader, and the Green Bay Packers) and connecting them to spiritual things (like the Scriptures, our relationship with Christ, and the works of great Christian men like Thomas Watson, William Ames and Charles Spurgeon.) 

It is the goal of the preaching ministry at Harvest that people are able to understand the greatness of the grace of God, the depth of God’s love, the sufficiency of Christ’s work on the cross, and how scripture provides us with all the answers we need.

Nancy and I have been blessed with four amazing boys: Sam, Jack, Max, and Hank. Even the dog, Frodo, is a boy. I’ve been the pastor of Harvest for ten years, and have enjoyed watching God grow us in our love for His Son, His Word, and the world of people who need to discover Him.

After growing up in a faithful church in New Jersey, I answered the call to ministry then graduated from Columbia International University with an MDiv degree in 2003.  After serving four years at my home church in various pastoral roles, Nancy and I moved to Maryland.  I have been able to teach and serve the local church in Honduras, Belize, Zambia, and Ecuador.  Nancy has been able to serve here in the United States and abroad in the Czech Republic.

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