Harvest Baptist Church believes that as a local body of believes, we have a responsibility not only to reach our own community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but the world at large as well.

To this end, we set apart 10% of our weekly offerings for missions beyond our local fellowship.

Part of this support is directed through the cooperative giving program of the Southern Baptist Convention. The remainder is distributed to missionaries we support directly, most often missionaries who have a direct connection with Harvest or one of our members.

Who We Support

When considering which missionaries to support, we look at three criteria:

Cross cultural ministry. Going outside the culture that we are a part of and reaching those who are different than ourselves.

Crossing linguistic boundaries. Going to a group that does not share our native tongue.

Crossing geographic boundaries. Leaving the confines of our native land.

We believe that the Lord would have us prioritize missionaries that are doing two of these three things.  We believe that embracing these priorities will enable us to do the most good with limited resources.

Presently Harvest supports missionaries in Bible translation work, church planting, and pioneer mission work among unreached people groups.