Join us sundays at 9:30 for Sunday School, 10:30 for Worship

Updated 02-17-15

It's winter, which means that Our Father will be blessing us with snowfall and cold weather. In light of that knowledge, it is always wise to review our policy in terms of winter weather. When the weather forecast predicts snow, prompting everyone to run to the store to purchase milk, bread, and toilet paper in a panic, we will remain calm and follow our standard operating procedures.

In general, it will not be our policy to cancel our main service at 10:30. We have a contract with a snow removal company who is responsible to clear and salt the parking lot in time for service, so the church will be accessible.

Sunday school, which depends on a greater number of volunteers to function, may be cancelled, since our volunteers may be unable to make it. The decision to cancel Sunday school (or the main service, in the case of truly dangerous weather conditions) will be made by 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. In the past (like hurricane Irene) advance speculation bore little resemblance to reality and cancellations were premature when the resulting storm proved relatively minor. Roads to church were clear and drivable, and we had already cancelled our services.

Cancellations or revisions to the schedule will be communicated via WBOC ch 16, and WMDT ch 47. If you are unable to listen to or watch the listed stations, please contact an elder, but not prior to 7:00 AM. Our contact info is listed in the bulletin each week. Feel free to text me. I might not be able to provide an answer, but I’ll let you know if we decide to cancel. Additionally, we'll post cancellations on the church website, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter (@HBCSalisbury).

Our policy for cancellation of youth ministry is simple: If there is no school in Wicomico County, there is no youth group that evening.

Please use caution when making a decision to travel in snow. I live on major roads, and so the weather will have to be horrible to prevent me from attending, but if conditions keep you from traveling, then please take caution and stay home.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

In Him,